QuickBooks On-line Payroll Support Number USA for Invoices, Bills, and Payments Options

QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number

QuickBooks On-line Payroll Support Number USA for Invoices, Bills, and Payments Options

QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number

by Steve Mark

A QuickBooks Payroll Service is a subscription you activate to enable the payroll features in your QuickBooks Desktop Software. Depending on the features you need, you can choose from Basic, Enhanced or Assisted Payroll.

QuickBooks Payroll service does not work with QuickBooks Mac. Mac users use QuickBooks Online Payroll as their payroll add-on. As a standalone software, Intuit QuickBooks Online Payroll only exports transactions to QuickBooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online.

QuickBooks Payroll Service Features

  • The customers can simply make paychecks with automated calculation of taxes and after printing could be forwarded to the workers.
  • The up to date and present charges will likely be seen by you every now and then and taxes could be calculated simply via this.
  • 1099 contractors deposits present provision for forwarding the 1099 unbiased contractors.
  • It even means that you can deposit the quantity of staff instantly into the worker’s checking or financial savings account.
  • From the one spreadsheet-style display screen, it grants accountants to enter, test and regulate the paychecks.
  • Varieties could be simply crammed, printed and mailed to the federal companies rapidly.
  • The desktop of this software program assists you in processing kinds by following the rules.
 Payroll Updates

These payroll updates have the most current and accurate rates and calculations for supported state and federal tax tables, payroll tax forms, and e-file and pay options.

Create Paychecks

Create paychecks with automatic tax calculations. Print and hand them over to your employees. Note: Nominal usage fee may apply.

Direct Deposit for Employees

You have the option to deposit your employee’s payroll directly to your employee’s checking or savings bank account. Note: Nominal per-transaction and per-payroll transmission fees may apply.

Direct Deposit for 1099 Contractors

Direct Deposit for 1099 Contractors provides QuickBooks payroll customers the ability to send direct deposits to 1099 Independent Contractors. Note: Nominal per-check fee may apply. See

Federal Forms

With Quickbooks Payroll Standard and Enhanced Payroll, QuickBooks Desktop automatically fills in the latest W-2, 94x Forms, 1099/1096 Form and other Federal Forms. With just a few clicks, you can print the forms in QuickBooks Desktop and mail to the appropriate federal agencies.  With Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Assisted, Intuit files and pays the taxes for you.

State Forms

With Enhanced Payroll, QuickBooks Desktop automatically fills in the latest State Tax Forms. QuickBooks Desktop will guide you in processing the forms and help you stay in compliance with your State regulations. With Assisted Payroll, Intuit files and pays the taxes for you.

E-file and E-pay

You can set the filing method of your Federal and State forms to E-file. Instead of printing and mailing the forms, send them electronically to the appropriate agencies in QuickBooks Desktop. Also, you can set the payment method for your scheduled Federal and State tax payments to E-Pay, and conveniently pay the appropriate tax agencies in QuickBooks Desktop. This is available in Quickbooks Payroll Enhanced and to selected states only.

With Assisted Payroll, Intuit files and pays the taxes for you.

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Intuit Workers’ Comp Payment Service (latest feature added to our payroll service)

You estimate nothing; you pre-pay nothing. By coupling your workers’ comp and payroll systems, Workers’ Compensation Payment Service automatically pays your Workers’ Comp premiums every pay period based on your actual payroll data. You never pay too much, too little, or a late fee for forgetting to send a payment.
See Intuit Workers’ Comp Payment Service: Signing up and activating your account
Note: Worker’s Compensation manual setup or feature in QuickBooks is available only to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced/Enhanced for Accountants and Assisted subscribers.

No tax penalties guaranteed

No Penalties Guaranteed with Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Assisted: if the data you provide is accurate, on time, and your account is sufficiently funded, your payroll tax deposits and filings will be on time and accurate or we’ll pay the resulting payroll tax penalty.

Free expert support

Intuit provides the following resources to support you in running your payroll, paying your taxes and filling your forms:

  • Payroll Support Website
  • Payroll Year-End Center
  • Payroll Tax Compliance
  • Payroll User Community

Also, Intuit provides free expert support to current subscribers of the Intuit Payroll Services.

After-the-fact payroll

QuickBooks Desktop After-the-fact payroll lets accountants efficiently enter, verify and adjust after-the fact paychecks all from a single spreadsheet-style screen.

Create tax forms for clients on Standard or Basic payroll

Produce federal and state tax forms for clients with Basic or Standard Payroll subscriptions. See Create tax forms for Quickbooks Payroll Standard or Basic customers using Quickbooks Payroll Enhanced for accountants.

Client ready payroll reports

Client-ready reports enable accountants to easily provide professional-looking paper records of each payroll run and to analyze a client’s payroll costs at the end of financial reporting periods (month, quarter, and year).

Filing as a Reporting Agent

QuickBooks Desktop offers the capability to file Federal forms as an authorized e-file Provider.

Auto-Fill option for Paid Preparer information

Setup QuickBooks Desktop to automatically fill in the federal forms with the Paid Preparer’s information.