Qbwin.Log: Invalid Customer Id Number

by Steve Mark

Qbwin.Log: Invalid Customer Id Number

by Steve Mark

by Steve Mark

Qbwin.Log: Invalid Customer Id NumberQuickBooks is one of the best accounting software. It was basically designed for the small and medium industries, so that they can get more and more time to grow their business. While working on the QuickBooks application, there are occasions where you will come across certain errors that will hamper your work. One such error you encounter while performing the task of multiple rebuilds is the issue with Qbwin.log.  You will see the following error message:

LVL_ERROR–Error: Verify Account List Item 313: Invalid parent 210, expected 212.

This error generally occurs in the sub-accounts that are present in the Chart of accounts in the QuickBooks accounting software. The major cause is that the indexing of the accounts is not done properly.

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Here is a solution suggested by the QuickBooks Expert to resolve your Invalid Customer ID Number.


You will have to browse for your issue in the account which is present in Charts of Accounts. Then you will have to separate these subaccounts from their parent accounts. Lastly, you will have to verify the data to rebuild it again.

  • Validate the accounts for troubleshoot as well as the fixes by exporting the Chart of Accounts:
    • Export the Chart of Accounts to desktop.
    • Double-click on the Chart of Accounts file from desktop and go to the option Select the program from a list.
    • Select MS Excel or a different spreadsheet. This option is to be selected from the Open with
    • Click OK.
    • Write down the names of the accounts on the rows named in the error.
  • You will have to edit the sub-accounts. After carrying out this procedure, sort the Chart of accounts:
    • From QuickBooks file, select Chart of Accountsfrom the Lists
    • Locate the first account that you have noted from the Chart of Accounts file by the line number displayed in the error message.
    • Edit all the subaccounts from this account.
    • Right-click the sub-account and press Edit.
    • Remove the check mark from the checkbox of the option Is a subaccount of.
    • Click OKto save all the changes you have made recently.
    • Write down the names of subaccounts for future reference.
    • Go to Chart of Accounts, press the Account tab, then Re-sort List again.
  • Check the data to confirm that you have resolved your issues:
    • Run the Verify Data Utility.

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The solution mentioned in this article will resolve your QuickBooks Qbwin.Log – Invalid Customer Id Number issue. The solution is suggested by the QuickBooks experts. If you have any query or doubts regarding the software, then you should immediately reach out to QuickBooks Customer Support for assistance. You just have call on their helpline toll-free number 1844-313-4852, which is available round the clock as they provide 24*7 services throughout the world. They also have a provision for Online Chat Support. You just have to visit their website www.instanthelp.com. On the homepage, you can see the chat option on the right side at the corner of the homepage. There you can type your query and the QuickBooks expert will instantly come to your rescue

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