How to Create QuickBooks Timesheets and Time Data Report?

by Steve Mark

How to Create QuickBooks Timesheets and Time Data Report?

by Steve Mark

by Steve Mark

Create QuickBooks Timesheets and Time Data ReportQuickBooks Timesheets helps in tracking the time that each employee spends on a particular job or task. While working on QuickBooks everybody wants to know, how the timesheets reports and time data is created. With QuickBooks data report, an organization can easily evaluate the time needed to get a task done along with the proficiency and skills that a worker needs to do it.

Creating the Time Data Report and Timesheets in QuickBooks, stepwise:

Creating the QuickBooks Timesheets:

  • Firstly, tap on Employee and after that Enter the time
  • For Timesheets you have two options to choose from
  • You can either enter the weekly timesheets in order to get the working hours tracked
  • Or you can enter the single activity

Weekly Timesheets:

  • First of all get the employee name chosen next to the Name
  • If the working hours are billable then choose a customer, service and job item and then tap to click on the Billable?
  • Now get the Payroll item selected for the amount of time you have worked upon
  • Based upon your preferences, Class and WC Code could also be added by you.
  • Then tap on the column for days where you have to track the working hours after that enter the hours worked upon in this particular job along with the payroll item.
  • While entering the time in Timesheets, Paychecks, or you have to Enter Payroll Information window, then you can easily get the time range typed and in return QuickBooks will get the total hours calculated for you.
  • Repeat this until all the time worked for a week is added completely
  • After completing it tap on Save and Close

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Creating the  batch Timesheets:

  • Tap on Employees and then on Enter Time after that on Use Weekly Timesheet.
  • Then, tap on the drop-down of Name and then scroll towards the top. Then choose the Multiple Names
  • After that tap on Select Employee, vendor you can also tap on the box of other name and then click on OK
  • Once you are done with this, get the Timesheets filled and tap on Save and Close or on Save and New in order to get the timesheet recorded for multiple employees
  • QuickBooks will record this timesheet for the multiple selected names

Single Activity:

In order to get the single activity entered, to get the stop and start feature to get the track time working:

  • The worker can choose the date from Date Calendar
  • If the date before the date of today is entered then you won’t be able to use the function of Start and Stop of Single Activity. But, you can get the amount of time entered manually for a particular activity in the field of Duration
  • Then get the employee selected from the drop-down list of Name.
  • If the worked hours are billable then from Customer choose a customer job, then from the arrow of Job drop-down and also the service item from the drop-down arrow of Select Item. After that, tap on Billable. In case not Billable, then get the checkbox of Billable verified, whether it is selected or not
  • Get the payroll item selected which is affected by the time worked on paycheck from the drop-down arrow of Payroll Item.
  • Based upon your Preferences, WC Code also called as Workers Compensation may also be added along with a Class
  • Tap on Start in order to get the time tracking done for a work, you may also get the time entered when the job was started by the employee. Tap on Start.
  • Once the job is done, tap on Stop
  • After that click on Save and Close

Printing the Timesheets

In order to get the weekly timesheets printed:

  • Go to File menu and then choose the Print Forms and then Timesheets.
  • QuickBooks defaults the work of current week. In order to view the additional timesheets, get the date range changed by adding the different dates.
  • Choose the timesheet for which you want to get the print out.
  • In order to get the full text printed of the activity notes on each of the timesheet, choose the Print full activity notes. In case this option is not selected by you, then QuickBooks will take the print of each note’s first line, (this is optional)
  • Tap on OK to get the print of the timesheet for every person that is selected for every week and comes with the range of data

Printing the blank timesheets

  • Tap on Employees first and then on Enter Time
  • Then go to the window of Weekly Timesheet and choose Print and then Print Blank Timesheet
  • Now in the window of Print Timesheets get the number of copies entered for which you wanted to take the print and then click on Print

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Creating the Time Data Report

Get the report created that shows the timesheets date of more than one or one employee:

Time can be created by the Name Report which displayed what is mentioned below:

  • Name of the employees
  • Name of the customer that is associated with timesheet
  • Number of total hours worked on the range of date selected by you
  • You can use the feature of Customize Report in order to display more data or columns

Follow the steps given below in order to get this report created

  • Go to the menu bar of QuickBooks and the tap on Reports after that on Jobs, Time and Mileage and after that on Time by Name
  • Tap on the tab of Customize Report
  • Now go to the window of Display and get more columns added to the report by choosing more than one or one of the options of display available there. In order to display the more:
  • Tap on Filters tab
  • And then click on the items and names you are looking forward to add in the report
  • In case you want to get the multiple items and names published then:
  • Tap on down arrow for items and names selected by you
  • Then get option selected for multiple
  • Click in order to get the items selected from the provided list
  • Click on OK to get your selections applied
  • Select OK on the best window in order to get the changes saved

In case the solutions and ways discussed above don’t help you, then you can get in touch with our Instanthelp247 QuickBooks tech support team number 18443134852.

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